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Post a Comment. So as I was watching a twitch feed from Frontline Gaming I decided to plug my blog there. Fankie scoffed and said "I'd like to see what you do with Dark Eldar.

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The Scorpion is an Aeldari super-heavy grav-tank utilised exclusively by the Craftworld Aeldariand is amongst the largest vehicles recorded capable of anti-gravitic movement in the galaxy. Known to the Aeldari as one of the Engines of Vaulit combines sophisticated and powerful weaponry with the grace and speed that have come to be associated with the Aeldari's vehicles. Protected by a Holo-Field and armed with twin-linked Pulsarsthe Scorpion has earned nicknames like the "Grave-maker" and "Deathsled" from the Imperium of Man 's veteran tank crews.

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Usually depicted to be mostly reasonable, outside of relationship matters where she falls into a self pitying, whiny wreck concerning her virginity. She can be distinguished from other Eldar by her cheek lines and red hair. Later developments brought about the theory that Macha is destined to be with the Emprahbut due to Eldrad dickery these two will continue being a virgin and comatose corpse-god, respectively.

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There is a fascinating PBS Space Time video[1] about black holes that questions the very existence of whatever is "inside" a black hole. They point out that as you approach a black hole, your proper time is advancing slower and slower when compared to an observer located far away from the black hole like us, on Earth. That means that from the point of view of this far observer, nothing happens inside a black hole until an infinite amount of time.

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The Aeldari, commonly known as the Eldar, are Warhammer 40, 's race of Space Elveshaughty and sophisticated aliens who were nevertheless laid low by their hubris and forced to cede control of the galaxy to lesser creatures. Though superficially similar to humans, Aeldari have Pointed Earsare lanky and long-limbed, and move with a speed and grace that others find unnerving. They are one of the oldest races in the galaxy, and their technology reflects this, as they have mastered anti-grav engines, devastating energy weapons, and even more wondrous technologies. Their race is inherently psychic, moreso than any other race in the setting.

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Rune for the Aeldari race in the Aeldari Lexicon. The Eldaror Aeldari as they were known in the Eldar Lexicon before the fall of their lost realmor the Asuryani followers of Asuryan as they refer to themselves, are an ancient humanoid alien race whose vast empire once extended the width and breadth of the known galaxy. The Aeldari Empire was without equal, and they counted themselves masters of the stars.

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