Breast cancer and protein sensitivity

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TMEPAI is related to poorer prognosis, limited treatment options, and prone to drug resistance compared with other proteins. One of the established markers to determine cancer resistance to drugs is the increased expression levels of drug efflux transporters. This study was aimed to investigate whether TMEPAI participates in cancer resistance to drugs by regulating drug efflux transporters.

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Not all breast cancers are the same. Understand what type of breast cancer you have and how it differs from other types of breast cancer. Once you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, your doctor will review your pathology report and the results of any imaging tests to understand the specifics of your tumor.

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Research Article Oncology Therapeutics Free access Phone: Liewei mayo.

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While most observations are made from a single type of genomics data, we apply big data analytics and systems biology approaches by simultaneously analyzing DNA amplification, mRNA and protein abundance. Using multiple genomic profiles, we have discovered widespread dosage compensation for the extensive aneuploidy observed in TCGA breast cancer samples. These genes are generally less well-characterized regarding their role in cancer and we advocate their further study. We also discover that shRNA knockdown of these genes has an impact on cancer cell growth, suggesting a vulnerability that could be used for cancer therapy.

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November 22, MIT biologists have identified a new biomarker that can reveal whether patients with a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer will be helped by paclitaxel commercially known as Taxolone of the drugs most commonly used to treat this cancer. The findings could offer doctors a new way to choose drugs for this type of breast cancerknown as triple-negative because it lacks the three most common breast cancer markers: estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and Her2 protein.

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The sensitivity of breast cancer cells to epirubicin EPI is closely related to the efficacy of the drug and the prognosis of patients. A growing body of research has suggested that autophagy is involved in the treatment of a variety of cancers, including breast cancer, and modifies the sensitivity of anticancer drugs. However, the mechanism by which autophagy participates in cancer therapy and modulates drug sensitivity has not been fully elucidated.

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OncologyPRO, in partnership with medwireNews, brings you updates each day in the field of medical oncology. Watch leading oncology experts sharing knowledge in ESMO educational videos or reporting on recent study results presentation. Haven't had much time lately?

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Background: Breast cancer, second commonest malignancy in women is a multifactorial disease. Key role of chronic low grade inflammation has been linked with pathophysiology of breast cancer. High sensitivity C-Reactive Protein hsCRP is an acute phase reactant proinflammatory protein synthesized in hepatocytes. Present case control study was aimed with primary objective of estimation of serum hsCRP levels in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and to correlate them with the staging of the disease.

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DSB repair competence determines the sensitivity of cells to these agents whereby aberrations in the repair machinery leads to apoptosis. Proteins required for this pathway can be detected as nuclear foci at sites of DNA damage when the pathway is intact. Here we investigate whether focus formation of repair proteins can predict chemosensitivity of breast cancer.

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About one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. The vast majority of these cancers rely on the hormone estrogen to grow. However, many tumors eventually become resistant to tamoxifen, allowing cancer to recur or metastasize. Led by Senthil K.


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