Amateur computer interface mac radio

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If you search Google for Amateur or Ham Radio Software, you will get a lot of results, but not a lot of information. One of the biggest problems is that you get links to old sites with outdated information. I will attempt to keep this page up to date with recent information.

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A computer can be involved in almost every activity. Ham radio has embraced computers more intimately than most hobbies. Originally used as a replacement for the paper logbook, the computer in ham radio has evolved nearly to the point of becoming a second op, controlling radios, sending and receiving CW, and linking your shack to thousands of others through the Internet.

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Amateur Contact Log. Field Day Contest Log. Thanks for visiting our amateur radio software website.

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KLog 0. UI: Satellite list, propagation modes and others are now shown sorted. Read Full Story

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CAT is what allows an application to communicate with the radio's VFO, setting and reading frequencies and modes. Unlike modern self-configuring devices the setup parameters found in the Radio's menus must match the settings in the application preferences exactly. This can be challenging to get right the first time but the application should remember the settings for you after that.

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FreeDV was built by an international team of radio amateurs working together on coding, design, user interface and testing. The modems and Codec 2 speech codec used in FreeDV are also open source. How would you feel if one or two companies owned the patents for SSB, then forced you to use their technology, made it illegal to experiment with or even understand the technology, and insisted you stay locked to it for the next years?

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I've been a Microsoft programmer and user for many a year. I used the Mac at work almost 20 years ago, and was impressed at the efficiency of the operating system. These pages chronicle the transition from Windows to OS X.

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Software is an integral part of the amateur satellite experience, and provides services from predicting satellite pass, steering antennas and tuning radios. In either case we have done our best to make sure the following links point to the most recent version. The following software is recommended for current personal computer systems.

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QRZ Forums. Tags: macos os x software. For bit Intel Macs.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Amateur Radio Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for amateur radio enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. This is probably a very simple and stupid question, but I'm getting more confused over time.


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