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Recently, I discovered that some very close Christian friends of ours are involved in "swinging", where they basically trade each other for sex with other consenting couples. We sort of stumbled upon this discovery and now, it is incredibly awkward for us to even have the relationship knowing this fact and we are torn on what to do. The couple would never do it with friends one of their rules but they are open to doing this with other random couples that they meet online, etc.

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Maybe I just didn't attend church enough as a kid, but when I hear "Christian" I certainly don't think of fitness junkies with a passion for partner swapping. But it's time to broaden that perspective because, well, these types very much exist. The Paraves, hailing from sunny Florida, are a married couple who founded this niche social network to teach Christianity to folks who enjoy working out and swinging no, not this kind.

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In many Christian traditions across many cultures, sex outside of marriage is frowned upon, if not strictly off-limits. Online groups and forums provide many sexually adventurous churchgoers with a virtual community, resources, and support. One couple, who go by Mr.

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Is the swinging lifestyle compatible with Christianity? So, are they right, and is the matter closed once and for all? Some of the reasons why some Christians have a strong view that Christianity and swinging are incomparable have to do with a warped view of what Christianity is. Further, some have a warped view of what certain words and texts of Scripture are really saying.

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I say this as a Christian — it is possible to go too far in your attempt to spread the word of the Lord. Oh, boy. I would love to say that this swinging for the Lord site is an internet hoax, but alas, Cristy and Dean Parave are the real deal.

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It does not take much for my mind to engage in a bit of lateral thinking, and for me to see biblical applications everywhere. I could get a full time job just offering the busy pastor helpful and up-to-date sermon illustrations! Every day the connections easily come to me.

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Devout pair Dean and Christy Parave believe partner swapping is the perfect way introduce others to their faith. Devout Christians Dean and Cristy Parave are spreading the word of God - through a swinging network they created. The kinky couple regularly enjoy swapping partners with other couples - and the opportunity to introduce others to their faith.

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Christian Swingers, a new website, invites faithful couples to be unfaithful, but it is creating a veritable Battle of Jericho among even the most progressive ranks in the church. The online dating service — which looks more like a porn site, with its maze of links to other sexually explicit sites and services -- says it gives "good Christians" the privacy they need to avoid getting a "bad reputation" at swingers clubs and meetings. But the Bible teaches us 'Judge not lest ye be judged,' and there's that verse about the first stone.

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One mental health professional warns the practice will lead to nothing but "pain. Before it details its mission, however, the website attempts to make a connection with visitors by justifying the lifestyle. Visiting this site might change your life for the better," it adds.

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Devout Christian couple, Dean and Cristy Parave, have turned to a swingers lifestyle in order to spread God's word to other swinging couples. Dean says what started as a lifestyle was soon realised as a way to do Extinction Rebellion founders planning Heathrow disruption arrested.


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